• Q:About UnbelievaBubble swords: Will UnbelievaBubble Swords leak if stored with solution?

    A:Unbelievabubble Swords are not designed to store bubble solution. They are not water tight. No matter how firmly the sword is screwed into the tube, if the tube is tipped onto its side the liquid will leak out from the top. After every use, any bubble solution remaining inside the tube should be drained out and both pieces, the tube and wand, should be rinsed clean with fresh water. Liquid left inside the tube over a long period of time may evaporate, leaving sticky deposits inside the tube and on the wand. This is not good. If this happens, empty the container and rinse the tube and container well with clean water before refilling it to use again.
  • Q:About UnbelievaBubble swords: Why doesn’t the bubble solution work as well after a lot of use?

    A:Most likely it is time to either refill your UnbelievaBubble dipping tube or let the foam inside die down. When liquid runs low in your dipping tube, repeated attempts to re-dip the wand will generate a lot of foam in the container. Foam is the Enemy of big bubbles, causing them to grow poorly and pop quickly. If you notice foam building up in the dipping sleeve, you have two choices: You can put the device away for a few minutes to let the foam turn back into bubble solution. Or you can add more bubble solution to the container which will drive the foam up and out the top. The solution may also become ineffective is if it is contaminated by dirt or other debris. If this is the case you will need to empty the contaminated solution from the tube and thoroughly rinse both the tube and the UnbelievaBubble wand in clean water before adding more Ultra Bubble solution to the container. Tip: If you are using Uncle Bubble’s Ultra Bubble Concentrate, be sure to mix your ready-to-use bubble solution at the recommended ratio of 9 parts water to 1 part concentrate. Overly diluted concentrate will make a weaker solution, not good for large bubbles.
  • Q:About UnbelievaBubble swords: Why does the bubble pop when I try to make long, giant bubbles?

    A:The extra liquid stored in the “teeth” of the bubble wand may have drained away too much. Big bubbles need to be fed a lot of liquid as they grow. With some practice you will begin to see the soap film getting thinner as the bubble has grown large and the wand starts to run out of liquid. That is the time to close the bubble, before the film grows so thin that it pops. The bubble may also pop if you try to close the wand too fast. “Snap” closing the wand is not the best way to set your bubbles free. To successfully release the bubble from the wand, the best technique is this: With the wand still open, detach the bubble by smoothly pulling the wand to the side, up & away from the bubble. Tip: Outside, a gentle wind or breeze can be enough to inflate a giant bubble with your UnbelievaBubble sword. Indoors you’ll need to inflate your giant bubbles by moving the open wand through the air. In this case it is best to start with the open wand low and move it upwards through the air before pulling off to the side to detach the bubble. Using this method, your bubble should continue to float upwards and live a longer, happier life. If you start forming the bubble high up and swoop in a downward motion to form the bubble… you are in effect, throwing the bubble at the floor.
  • Q:About Touchable Bubbles: Can I make large bubbles with Touchable Bubble liquid?

    A:Touchable Bubble liquid is engineered to produce bubbles the size of pearls. Attempting to make large touchable bubbles (with other wands) will not work. The mini wand provided with the Touchable Bubble container is designed to work perfectly with the special liquid to automatically make the best small sized bubbles. Tip: When blowing Touchable Bubbles it is good to use a long, thin steady breath and hold the wand fairly close to your mouth. Doing this will increase the number of bubbles you can blow with every breath.
  • Q:About Touchable Bubbles: How do I clean up the Touchable Bubbles when they dry?

    A:Touchable Bubble liquid is water soluble. That means it will not stain as long as you use only clean water and a soft white cloth to wipe up the little skins left behind when the bubbles pop. Do not use soap or detergents when cleaning up Touchable Bubbles. Immediately wipe up any spills or drips from the tube onto the floor, furniture, clothes or otherwise with clean water and a soft white cloth. You may need to rinse the cloth free of Touchable Bubble liquid several times when you are wiping up big spills. Again, Touchable Bubbles require only clean water to remove pops or spills from any surface. Using soap or detergent may cause staining.
  • Q:About Touchable Bubbles: How long do Touchable Bubbles last?

    A:Once they land, Touchable Bubbles can last anywhere from 2 hours to several weeks if left undisturbed. Please keep that in mind when you are blowing these bubbles indoors. We recommend blowing your Touchable Bubbles outside.
  • Q:About Ultra Bouncing Bubble: How do I clean the gloves provided in the Ultra Bouncing Bubble set?

    A:Wash in cold water and air dry. Do not dry gloves in a clothes dryer, with a hair dryer or by using any sort of a heater.
  • Q:About Ultra Bouncing Bubble: How do I clean the gloves provided in the Ultra Bouncing Bubble set?

    A:Wash in cold water and air dry. Do not dry gloves in a clothes dryer, with a hair dryer or by using any sort of a heater.
  • Q:About Ultra Bouncing Bubble: Is there a special method for playing with Ultra Bouncing Bubbles? Sometimes the bubble bounces only a few times and pops when you bounce it. Is this normal?

    Ultra Bouncing Bubble is a skill based toy. At first it is normal for you to bounce the bubbles too roughly so the bubbles will pop after only a bounce or two. With a little practice you will develop a gentle bouncing motion which is best. Tip: The size of the bubbles you blow and bounce should be no bigger than a tennis ball. Start with bubbles the size of a pingpong ball. Bounce bubbles gently against a dry glove (the glove provided is ideal although most acrylic gloves will work). Wet gloves will not work.
  • Q:About Ultra Bouncing Bubble: Why does the bubble pop when I try to release it from the Ultra Bouncing Bubble tube?

    A:Try pointing the tube down when you blow the bubble. When it’s time to release the bubble, gently flick the tube up and away to the side of the bubble. Don’t pull straight up or push down to detach the bubble.